Cancelation  Policy


Once you confirm a booking with Team Dynamics Kilkenny our cancelation policy applies.  On your quotation you will see the wording - "Cancellations or changes in numbers made within 10 days of arrival will be charged for in full"


Why we have to charge a cancellation fee?

Every booking that is made has to be processed and this takes time, also when you make your booking that date and time is reserved for your booking only. This means that we cannot sell that timeslot to another booking, which means that if you cancel at short notice we are at the loss of that timeslot.

We also have to roster staff and again if you cancel at short notice we have to compensate our staff in some form.


What happens if I cancel my booking more than 10 days prior to the booking?

In this case we will only charge you an admin fee to cover the costs of our time in relation to processing your quotation and booking.

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