Code Of Conduct

Upon arrival, a complete list of rules will be explained to each group. General common sense rules apply such as no smoking or drinking,stay within designated boundaries and have respect for each other and your surroundings. If you have any queries about these rules and regulations please contact the duty manager. Persons who break the rules will consequently have to sit out on activities. If it is a major offence, persons will be liable to be sent home at their own expense


Any student found in possession or under the influence of alcohol will be sent home immediately at their own expense (for senior students who are 18 years old this is up to the teacher’sdiscretion).


• Any student found in the possession or under the influence of any illegal drug will be sent home immediately at their own expense.

• This is a non-smoking centre. No smoking is permitted unless a teacher/leader from the school/youth group specifically requests it. This will only be allowed if there are no other schools/youth groups at the centre.

• Students must adhere to any safety requests by their instructors on a session. Failure to comply will result in the student being removed from the activity.

• All damage must be paid for.

• Students are not allowed off the premises unless supervised by a teacher/leader or instructor.

• We enforce these rules to ensure you and your students have a truly safe environment in which to enjoy your session with us.


Arrive as a group...leave as a Team

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