Execuitve Development at Team Dynamics Kilkenny



The success of any organisation depends on its workforce (executives) developing the skills and competencies that will allow them to become dynamic managers into the future. Corporate training and education are key elements in ensuring that executive talent can become a source of competitive advantage.

Team Dynamics Kilkennys’ lead facilitator is a trained experiential learning specialist having trained in the hope of Team Building - Unitde States Of America. He regularly works with national and multinational businesses to tailor Executive Development courses to meet the needs of each organisation. We offer custom-designed executive development strategies which facilitate and expose:

  • Leadership skills

  • Trust

  • Effective Communication

  • Decision Making

  • Promotion of Positive Thinking

  • Solution Orientated Mindsets

Our facilitators monitor attendee’s activities throughout each activity across the day. At the end of the day we compile a confidential report on each individual’s performance, attitude and traits for human resource departments


"The Kilkenny Hurling team in its preparation for the all-Ireland Hurling final spent a very worthwhile day at Team Dynamics Kilkenny. I would definitely recommend this venue to any group interested in any serious Team-building.”


Brian Cody, Manager Kilkenny Senior Hurling Team.

Arrive as a group...leave as a Team

Some of our past clients include.......