Safety & insurance



Safety is always our number one priority, here at Team Dynamics Kilkenny. To our facilities have been risk assessed and participants in our activities are all covered by our €6.5 million public liability insurance, in the highly unlikely event of negligence by one of our employees.

To ensure the very best experience for everyone, we operate under strict instructor plus adult supervisor to student ratios. Students are in groups of no more than 12 to each instructor and for adventure activities, the ratio is 10 students to every one instructor. This guarantees that all participants are carefully supervised.

All our staff members are highly qualified and experienced in dealing with children and adults in the outdoors. Our instructors are mature, responsible and they all hold relevant qualifications in their individual area of expertise.

Groups are fully briefed before undertaking any activities and are continually monitored. All of the equipment at our adventure centre is high quality, modern and tested daily.

Activity Restrictions

All of our activities are suitable for people from 14 years plus.

The maximum weight limit for the Zip-line is 120kg or 18 stones 12.5 lbs or 264.5 lbs.

There are no specific height restrictions.

Safety Equipment
The harness must fit correctly on top of the hips has a maximum size of:

Waist belt: 86-110 cm 33.85-43.3 inches
Leg loop: 57-70 cm 22.44-27.55 inches


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